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Yu Nordic


Looking for Finnish expertise on educational solutions?

" Betty Yu has done a great job to make the 1st Me & My City pilot successful in China. We are very satisfied with her contribution during the cooperation. Betty Yu is a most skilled business professional with good understanding of both Finland & China. We are very happy to work with her, and looking forward to work with her again in the future! "

                                                                  -  Me & MyCity partners

" Betty is a nice friend to work with! She is a business professional with good understanding of Finland and internationalization. We worked out strategies and solutions for internationalization of leading Finnish educational models. She created new strategies for our new international growth. "


                                                                    - World class investors


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Rich experiences from foreign localization of Me & MyCity Education Program
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Customer manager of Asia
Hosting high level Finland China officials and guests
Chen Li_ Me & MyCity.jpeg
Chinese Ambassodor Chen Li Visit Me & MyCity Education Program

Hosting high level visits from Japan, Korea, Thailand, Dubai and other countries and areas

Organising Large Scale Cultural events


What you could get from me:

  • An outgoing and skillful performer

  • Extensively networked in both the Finnish and Chinese business world, political circles and organizational activities

  • Expert in the Chinese market and international operations

  • Theoretical foundation (Education background) from the University of Helsinki for business consultation

  • Sales expert

  • Expert in education and education exports

  • An experienced business advisor who is also used to working with large investors

  • Highly educated at the universities in Finland and China

  • Multilingual. fluent in Chinese, English and Finnish



Education Export
Educational professional. with strong expertise on internationalization of Finnish education.
  • Head of Aisa for education export of TAT. 
  •  International marketing, communication and operation 
  • 1st successful international pilot of Me & MyCity (Yrityskylä) 
Marketing and Communication
  • Education 
  • E-commerce
  • Fashion 
  • Architectural design
Experiences from versatile industries
Large scale events
  • Large scale cultural events
  • Finland-China events
  • Art performances
​Rich experiences on organising Finland-China Cultural and Art events


Contact information

Betty Yu
Yu Nordic China

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