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Why Me & MyCity stands out from other mini city learning models?

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

Moni society idea is not a new thing. There are many different kinds of mini-society, mini city, mini town centers worldwide. For example, In China, I have visited some examples; the 8th weekday town (星期八小镇), 蓝天城,and other kinds of mini-city centers. They are mostly places where children play without educational instructions.

In Me & My City, there are pedagogical instructions and targets. These pedagogical contents are designed according to the Finnish national curriculum. Also, the IT game system and the learning environment are all designed with the educational purposes. There are high-level teacher trainings for teachers and instructors.

All the designs encourage and motivate the kids to take an active role in this city, in another word, they are in the driver's seat. The teachers and instructors received appropriate trainings, to keep this whole learning environment work the way as it should.

It's learning-directed play, not just play.

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